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Change Log

□ v0.02 (June 14th, 2024): Added Purple Marker World and Fuuntsuki's Balcony (both real and dream world variants), added a version indicator to the title screen.

□ v0.01 (May 15th, 2024): Added Gem World and Ka Lounge, added a website icon.

□ v0.00 Patch 2 (May 9th, 2024): Added Highlight World, fixed The Nexus name in its page, moved the website to Neocities.

□ v0.00 Patch 1 (May 8th, 2024): Added the Change Log, the Tutorial and a Menu.

□ v0.00 (May 7th, 2024): Website published, added Title and Author pages, Fuuntsuki's Rooms and The Nexus.

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